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Riikka recommended me the book Twilight, she thought that I would probably love it. And as the movie is coming out, I wanted to read it before that. I finally found the translated version from my nearby book shop on Thursday. I've read half now. I still have two more night shifts, so it's very likely that I'll have it read by Monday. I guess all the most exciting parts are still yet to come. For now I have liked it a lot, although at some short moments it's a bit too childish. And don't any of you spoil it for me or I will never ever speak to you again!!!

I didn't like the news about Half-Blood Prince postponed. I was so looking forward to seeing it before Christmas! And now, almost another year! How can they even do that this late. But I'm sure I'll be excited about the Twilight movie as well, so at least there's something.

I'm not very happy with this weekend. I knew I had to work, so no plans or anything, but I didn't get enough sleep today and I have ten hours before I can go to bed again. I also haven't eaten well. I watched The Bridge to Terabithia before work, I had had it on my digibox for ages - it was ok, different from what I expected and sad, too. Renny Harlin's Cleaner was a pleasant surprise earlier this week.