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Kaisa and I went to see Sex and the City-movie yesterday before my night shift. The movie was a very pleasant surprise. I didn't expect anything, I liked the show when I grew older and understood more about the characters feelings and sex and everything. I was never a fan. I liked the show finale very much. And the movie was good! It was 2,5 hours long, but I wasn't bored at all! It was funny and touching and it was so much more about relationship and friendship than I would have thought.

The scene where Carrie calls John, who says he can't do it and Carrie breaks down was very touching. I really felt for her. And later when she got out of the car and hit John with flowers, yelling that she knew that he would do this to her.. I think it was a very powerful scene, emotional I mean. It reminded me a bit of BtVS Hell's Bells :) I have to say that if it was me I would have listened to the man before breaking off all connections, but I understand. I loved that Charlotte was so happy in her relationship, I used to love her and Harry's relationship in the show as well. I loved that Samantha and Smith were still together, although they broke up, but it was sweet how much Samantha tried. She had become so unselfish - even if she said that she loves herself more than she loves Smith. Miranda and Steve's problems were the least interesting to me, but I could relate. I agreeded with the friends though, she should have given Steve a chance.. I don't know.. it just seems, especially in the world they live/d in, that you should try and understand. But so she and they did in the end and it was a good thing. I liked the metaphore, meeting half way the bridge. And the civil wedding in the end, a very good decision. That's what I would do, if I felt that either one of us had doubts - and I'm not saying doubts about the marriage itself, but I bet that planning a wedding and everything can be too stressful. I think that if I get married, I wouldn't take more than a few months to plan it. I'm not the type of person that plans ahead for over a year. You never know what will happen. Something small and nice, in two or three months from the moment you decide to do it, would be my way.

In other news. I have tried a few online games here at work tonight and I lost a few euros.. But hey, it was almost as fun as playing them in a nightclub or a boat. I feel so tired right now, it's 5.30am, 2,5 hours left. Then I leave to Parikkala, to meet my family at my grandmother's. I hope I make it to the train before I fall asleep. I have to pack before that, because I didn't have time yesterday between waking up after night shift and going to the movies and then back to work.