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I started a new finnish blog for myself. You can find it here.


May. 25th, 2008

My weekend is spent at work mainly. Yesterday was quite busy actually. 10 hours and I was at home at 22.45. Eurovision song contest had started at 22 so I missed a few performances. I had it on here at work, but of course everybody decided to call then. When I got home, Jori had bought us cider and I drank a bottle and enjoyed the rest of the show. I never thought that Finland would win, but I was hoping we would be in the top 10 or even top 15. But on the other hand, it was great that we got in the finals at all! My favourites included Bosnia & Hertzegovina, Georgia and Portugal. I was hoping that Russia wouldn't win because I didn't like their song and performance at all.

I came to work at 7.45 again after four hours sleep. I was so tired, but I'm ok now, and workmates start coming at 11. I hope this Sunday will be a peaceful one. Although 10 hours at work is too boring if nothing happens. But it just has to be in the best amount possible, not too much, not too few. I get off at 6pm so I have free evening and that's great! Although there's much to do, FinBuffy 2008 is in two weeks! Yaiks! I'm getting so nervous about it. I already have butterflies in my stomach.



Life has been okay. Going to work is nice again although three of my nice collagues have left. There are still a few great guys in here and it's enjoyable being here. Last weekend was spent at Kotka with Paula. It was very important that we spent some time together in a long time. We had a nice time. I bought new white trousers and a top with flowers.

It's Eurovision semifinals today, I get off from work at 22, but I think I'll get home before anything serious happens :) We'll have some cider and watch it. I have no idea how Finland will do this year, I'm not a big fan of the song or the band.

we are the lucky ones

What's up with this April? It seems that many people have had some bad luck. I've had some bad luck as well, because we had borrowed my parents' Saab for this week to go to Turku on Wednesday but the car broke down on Tuesday while Jori was driving home from school. It was some technical problem that was bound to happen, just bad luck that it happened when we had it. We took a train (Jori and I) to Turku on Wednesday just to find out that our boat had had an electricity problem and would be 2,5 hours late. It was supposed to leave at 9 pm so we were quite annoyed that our evening on the boat would be so much shorter. We cancelled our buffet, ate well in Turku with Olli and Saija and went to the docks at 10 pm. The boat left at 23.30.

Otherwise the cruise was very nice! We enjoyed our time together just the two of us, had drinks, played some games, danced in the disco and walked on the decks. On Thursday we slept late and booked another buffet where we spent two hours eating well and drinking wine. I'll post some pictures later.

The cruise was just too short. I would have loved to spend another two days with Jori on the sea. But now we have some alcohol and chocolate we bought tax free. We both also bought new watches. Jori bought me a Muumi-coffee mug, orange with "Hattiwattis". I was admiring them but didn't want to spend money on them, so Jori surprised me while I was resting in the cabin.


My Easter plans:

Thursday, day off from work. First sleep late, then maybe clean up a bit, go to groceries to buy everything I need until Monday and then finally in the evening a girls' night out! I'm very excited about that, because Piksa, Anna-Leena and I haven't spent one in over a year together. And I'll see Piksa's new place. It's very exciting.

Friday, day off from work. Hopefully don't feel too hungover. Will eat pizza and drink lots of coke and in the evening watch Fellowship of The Ring from tv. I'd say it's a perfect timing for airing the trilogy again.

Saturday, 10 hours at work. Get off from 7pm, so I'll be at home for Two Towers.

Sunday, 10 hours at work. Get off from 5pm, so I'll be at home for Return of the King.

Jori will be away whole Easter. At the moment I actually feel pretty good about it. I feel good about tomorrow night and about the movies and pretty good about going to work on weekend, as well, because I am very fond of my workmates :)


night shifts and movies

I had three night shifts last weekend. I've had difficulties with sleep after that. Not so much with the amount of sleep, just the timing. My last shift ended on Monday at 8am. I slept until 5pm. Then stayed awake for four hours and fell asleep again, and woke up at midnight. Then Jori and I watched some telly and went to bed and I didn't fall asleep until maybe 3 or 4 am. Slept till 3.45pm again on Tuesday.. and on Wednesday.. and then last night I woke up at 3am and laid awake in bed for two or three hours before falling asleep again. Now I'm back at work, feeling a bit better (I was feeling a bit blue earlier this week, because of my daily rhytm and because I was confused of what day it was etc. You know.) because Kaisa and I are working in same shift today. It's also nice to be at work because I feel like I'm doing something. It is quite common to have small after-night-shift-depression sometimes. And I had that for the first time this week.

On happier note, I have done something else beside just sleeping and being blue. On Sunday, before my shift, Piksa and I went to see Sweeney Todd. I didn't love it very much though. It was visually great, the actors were amazing, but I didn't like the songs much and maybe the main plot was just a bit too dark for me. I'm not saying I didn't like the film at all. I wasn't disappointed. I just like musicals like Hairspray and Enchanted more.. that's just me :)

On Tuesday Jori and I had free tickets for 10 000 BC. It was ok. Nothing that special or spectacular. Liked the music.


surface of the sun

Sunshine really is a beautiful film. Grandma gave me 50 euros for my birthday and I went and bought dvd's with all of it: Sunshine, Death Proof, Wolf, Cry Baby, Edward Scissorhands and The Stand by Stephen King. I've seen the latter only once in the 90's. And all the others are my old favourites (beside Death Proof, which is quite new, heh). I'm in Hameenlinna now, came this afternoon and will go back on Wednesday for a night shift. Rekku has to stay here, because Jori and I will go to Kuopio on Friday.

"Only dream I ever have... is the surface of the sun... everytime I shut my eyes... it's always the same."

lovely music

Scores that touch Marjo very deep:

John Murphy - Sunshine

Steve Jablonsky - The Island

Danny Elfman - Edward Scissorhands

Hans Zimmer - Pirates of the Caribbean

Harald Kloser and Thomas Wanker - The Day After Tomorrow

Other favourites include:

28 days/weeks later

Star Wars

Da Vinci code


Vote for Rekku

Would you like to vote for Rekku in the Human Society-page. We just entered a competition - just for fun - if you'd like to vote, you can do it here :)


night owl

So there (almost) went Thursday. What did I do? I tried sleeping, didn't manage in it very well.. I had came home from work at about 8.30 am and went to bed, slept an hour, were awake for an hour, slept for an hour and half, woke up again.. you know the drill. I got up at 4pm. So luckily I must have gotten at least 5 hours of sleep. I watched Grey and Heroes from my digibox and ate some bread. Then I went to bed again at 7pm. Then Jori - who is the best boyfriend in the whole wide world - called that he could stop by at the grocery to get me some energy drink and pastries to work. And then he brought them, and left again. His friend is visiting him. I didn't get any more sleep. Watched some telly again, and finally got ready for work. Now I'm spending another night here. I have some dvd's with me, the new Cosmopolitan and thanks to my sweetheart, enough energy drink and food.

I am quite sure that my Friday will be spent about the same way. But hey, after tomorrow's night shift I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, yay! And then two weeks before the next night shifts. I'll be 28 then, by the way. I'm spending my birthday at work. Or should I say, my birth-night :) Otherwise, I don't have any work that week, so that's a very positive thing. I'm not even that worried about turning 28. It's a good age for me. I'm hoping this will be a good year and I'll be more of an adult. Today, laying in bed awake, I realized how I have everything I could have wished for. I love my apartment, my boyfriend is the best kind, who loves me, I have a pet that I love so much, and who seems to love me back too. I have a nice job which is interesting and new. I'm learning new things about myself.. Only thing that I think I need is to educate myself and exercise more. If only I had the time and energy to go to some dancing lessons, I've already looked up some salsa-lessons at my gyms.


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