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movies and books 2009

Sticky post: Books and Movies 2009


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  • Stephen King: Cell - a common S. King, definitely not as scary as most of them, but kept my interest (and sometimes it's good to be not too scary, when I read it alone in the dark etc)
  • The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl - a very funny book made of Shauna Reed's blog entries during 6 years of weight losing.
  • Stephenie Meyer: The Host - Liked it a lot! I was so happy to see Meyer move on from Twilight so quickly and loking forward to her other books. I love her stories.
  • Nora Roberts: Morrigan's Cross (reading now)
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    men to watch

    Promised to share my opinions, so:

    Watchmen receives ***1/2 or even **** from me. Two minus stars because of the few boring minutes. Plus one star of the amazing soundtrack, hot sex and hot Jeffrey Dean Morgan :) And the very cute Matthew Goode. AND not to be forgotten, the blue penis :P In general a very positive watching experience. Only about 10 minutes of boredom, maybe 15, and otherwise quite, hmm.. smashing. And did I mention the soundtrack. When Requiem started playing, I was totally sold :) And 99 luft balloons!!!1 <3 I even liked Malin Akerman. Seen her in 27 dresses, didn't like her much then. Not as good as Underworld III, about the same with Australia.

    In other news, Josh Duhamel is my fantasy honey of the month. Milo Ventimiglia is a runner up. I've had romantic dreams every night, so I guess my hormones are waking up and the spring is coming.


    Couple of movie reviews

    I'll add them to the list in the sticky post, it's quite long already :)

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (***1/2) - Well, it was good and interesting and touching. But in the middle, I didn't really like Cate's character and I didn't think there was chemistry between them. Maybe because I think Brad and Cate are good friends. I loved the beginning, the adventures and the touching ending.

    Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (****) - seriously, I thought this was one of the best movies I've seen this year. It's probably the best of the three. I just love Lucian. There's just something relaxing in watching werewolfs and vampires fight like hell. It's very, hmm, detaching (probably not a real word).


    Töissä olisi paljonkin valittamisen aihetta mutten jaksa.. kaikkea inhottavista asiakkaista firman omiin huoltomiehiin.. Pistin jo Mikalle valituspostin ja huomenna meillä on kehityskeskustelu, jossa varmaan voidaan asiasta jutella.

    On ollut tässä pitkät työputket, kuusi päivää, sitten maanantai vapaa ja nyt onneksi vain neljä päivää. Ihmetyttää taas tuo oma unentarve. Maanantaina olin päivällä hereillä neljä tuntia, sitten menin sänkyyn lueskelemaan ja nukahdin kolmeksi tunniksi. Heräsin pariksi tunniksi ja menin nukkumaan ja sain koko yön nukuttua, pitkälle tiistaihin. Huh huh.

    Eilen varattiin Tukholman risteily ensi viikon ke-pe. Jee! 60 euroa A-hytti (olis ollut C-hytit 30 euroa mutta halusin merinäkymät :)). Jos on kiinnostusta, niin Siljalla on tunnuksella FRIEND noita tarjouksia. Eli on tässä pitkiä vapaitakin tulossa, onneksi ei enää kovin montaa päivää.


    And the Nobel goes to...


    Ex-president Martti Ahtisaari received the Nobel peace prize, so congratulations to him!

    Living on the edge

    There's something wrong with the world today, I don't know what it is.. something's wrong with our eyes. Seeing things in a different way, and God knows it ain't his, it sure ain't no surprise..

    There has been another school shooting in Finland. CNN posted about it here. It was very shocking to read the news. And almost unbearable to even imagine the pain that this has caused to so many people.


    Riikka recommended me the book Twilight, she thought that I would probably love it. And as the movie is coming out, I wanted to read it before that. I finally found the translated version from my nearby book shop on Thursday. I've read half now. I still have two more night shifts, so it's very likely that I'll have it read by Monday. I guess all the most exciting parts are still yet to come. For now I have liked it a lot, although at some short moments it's a bit too childish. And don't any of you spoil it for me or I will never ever speak to you again!!!

    I didn't like the news about Half-Blood Prince postponed. I was so looking forward to seeing it before Christmas! And now, almost another year! How can they even do that this late. But I'm sure I'll be excited about the Twilight movie as well, so at least there's something.

    I'm not very happy with this weekend. I knew I had to work, so no plans or anything, but I didn't get enough sleep today and I have ten hours before I can go to bed again. I also haven't eaten well. I watched The Bridge to Terabithia before work, I had had it on my digibox for ages - it was ok, different from what I expected and sad, too. Renny Harlin's Cleaner was a pleasant surprise earlier this week.

    more seagul

    It seems that booking a trip to Portugal was a very good idea - the forecast shows only rain and cooler temperatures from now on :/ This summer has been very bad. I guess it doesn't matter as much now that I didn't have any summer vacation. Jori and I are going to Portugal in two weeks. I can't wait, sun, sea, drinks, swimming, relaxing..!

    A young seagul has settled in the parking lot of my workplace and me and my collagues have watched over his adventures from one water puddle to another. He's quite big already, but for some reason he doesn't want to learn how to fly so he just lives in the parking lot, walks around, and yells for food. His mother comes by every three hours or so, trying to get the young one to fly away with him. It's kind of funny to watch. The seagul, I named Rami, doesn't mind all the cars and people, he just sits in his puddle and cries. Me and my collague took him some bread yesterday, although we know we probably shouldn't.. but he's just so pitiful. Our collagues says that that's exactly what the seagul wants. To look as pitiful as he can so somebody feeds him. And that he's just plain lazy. He has taken short flights around the parking lot when his mother was there, but that's it. He's too scared, poor thing.

    Because I have a longer break from work soon, I have to work more now, so this is my fourth evening at work and two more to go. It's been okay. It doesn't matter when you know you'll have some vacation soon.



    Kaisa and I went to see Sex and the City-movie yesterday before my night shift. The movie was a very pleasant surprise. I didn't expect anything, I liked the show when I grew older and understood more about the characters feelings and sex and everything. I was never a fan. I liked the show finale very much. And the movie was good! It was 2,5 hours long, but I wasn't bored at all! It was funny and touching and it was so much more about relationship and friendship than I would have thought.

    possible spoilersCollapse )

    In other news. I have tried a few online games here at work tonight and I lost a few euros.. But hey, it was almost as fun as playing them in a nightclub or a boat. I feel so tired right now, it's 5.30am, 2,5 hours left. Then I leave to Parikkala, to meet my family at my grandmother's. I hope I make it to the train before I fall asleep. I have to pack before that, because I didn't have time yesterday between waking up after night shift and going to the movies and then back to work.


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